Alabama Roofers

Our homes are built to withstand the test of time. Seasons come and go, and one after one, our homes stand strong through storms. Over time though, our roofs can become damaged and leave us exposed. From water leaks to the heat escaping your home in the winter, a damaged roof can cause you quite a bit of stress. Luckily for you, Trotman Brothers Roofing has incredible experience with fixing and repairing roofs in Alabama. If you have a roof issue in Alabama, then you know who to call!


About Trotman Brothers Roofing in Alabama

Based in Montgomery Alabama, Trotman Brothers Roofing is the premier roofing and restoration company in Alabama. We keep it in the family. Founded by brothers Andrew and William Trotman, our family owned company prides ourselves on our honesty and work ethic. We provide high quality roofs and roofing services to the Alabama area, and we have been doing it better than anybody else for the last fifteen years.


Service Areas

We proudly serve the following areas:

Montgomery, Alabama

Pike Road, Alabama

Prattville, Alabama

Wetumpka, Alabama

Tallassee, Alabama

Troy, Alabama


Alabama Roofing Services

We offer the following services to Alabama:

  • General Contracting
  • Residential Home Improvements
  • Home Remodel and Restoration
  • Free Inspections
  • Storm damage restoration
  • Year-round installations
  • Insurance claims specialists
  • Complete roof replacement
  • Roof layover
  • Interior damage repair
  • Exterior damage repair
  • Painting
  • Kitchen and Bath Remodeling


If you are looking to get your roofing serviced in Alabama, then look no further than Trotman Brothers. We guarantee that you will be glad that you trusted us to handle the job.