Storm Damage Restoration

Has a severe storm just moved through your area? If so, your property may have sustained damage. Intense winds can lift your roof shingles, uproot trees, and cause debris build-up in your gutters. Hail can dent and compromise your roofing materials and gutters. Even minimal damage to your roof can eventually lead to much larger issues such as leaks, mold, rot, or total failure. 


If you have reason to believe your roof was damaged during a storm, you’ll want to contact a local roofing company for an inspection as soon as possible. 


Roof Inspection

Trotman Brothers Roofing and Construction is a residential and commercial roofing company. We provide residents of Montgomery, Alabama and the surrounding areas with free roof inspections following severe weather. Our roofing contractors are professionally trained and have the experience needed to identify damage from wind, rain, and hail. 


Roof Restoration

Once the initial inspection has been completed, our team of professionals can begin their work to restore your roof. Repairs may be minor, or the damage may require an overlay or complete replacement of your roof. We assist homeowners with insurance claims to minimize restoration expenses. 


Schedule An Appointment

At Trotman Brothers Roofing and Construction, we offer top-notch roof restoration services. Schedule an appointment for a free inspection by calling 334-657-8255 or by completing our online contact form