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Trotman Brothers Roofing specializes in many different types of construction. We are licensed builders and can perform any residential job big or small. We work with different banks and financing companies remodeling and doing residential home repairs for home improvement loans such as the 203k loans and many other types of loans. Our scope of work on these projects may vary from replacing a roof to kitchen renovations and bath remodeling.

Dalraida- Montgomery, Alabama

Before and after roofing upgrade on a Montgomery, AL home.

Glynlakes House- Pike Road, Alabama

Before and after roofing repair of a home in Pike Road, AL.

Glynlakes- Pike Road, Alabama

Home with a new roof installed by Trotman Brothers Roofing and Construction.

Glynlakes – Pike Road, Alabama

Home in Pike Road, AL with new roofing.

Halcyon – Montgomery, Alabama

Home in Montgomery has roof replaced by Trotman Brothers Roofing.

Glynlakes- Pike Road, Alabama

Pike Road, Alabama home has new roofing.

Montgomery, AL

This is a beautiful home in Old Cloverdale that we replaced a roof on.  It had 2 layers of shingles and had some damage to the decking from years of water damage. We replaced all of the rotting wood and reflashed the chimney. GOOD TO GO FOR ANOTHER 30 YEARS.

Home in Montgomery, Alabama gets a roof replacement by Trotman Brothers Roofing and Construction.

Alabama home with wind damage gets a roof replacement by Trotman Brothers.

This is a house in Halcyon that we replaced the roof.  This roof was replaced by insurance for wind damage. Our roofing company met with the adjusters to assure that the homeowner was compensated for their damages.

Photo of a house that Trotman Brothers Roofing re-roofed in Wynlakes. Our roofers are the best roofers in Montgomery, AL

House that Trotman Brothers Roofing re-roofed in Wynlakes.

Troy, AL

Metal Roof

New construction home in Troy, Alabama has a metal roof installed by Trotman Brothers Roofing.

Moire Black Shingles

Residential home with moire black shingles roofing.

Wind Damaged Shingles

Wind-damaged shingles on a home in Troy, Alabama.

Pike Road, AL

This home had storm damage due to a tornado that came through the community of Pike Road, Alabama. Our roofers did a great job replacing the roof on this beautiful home. This roof was replaced with a Georgetown grey color shingle manufactured by CertainTeed.

Home has a roof replacement after tornado damage.

This home was also hit by the tornado that hit the Pike Road, Alabama area just outside of Montgomery, AL. The shingle color is weathered wood manufactured by CertainTeed.

Trotman Brothers Roofing re-roof this home after tornado damage.